INR 6000, Duplex Basket Strainer Manufacturer In India

Specialityvalve is one of the top Duplex Basket Strainer Manufacturer in India. The Screen is removed from the top of the Basket Strainers. The screen is designed in the shape of a basket with a lifting handle, allowing any particulate collected and stored by the screen to be easily removed for disposal. They’re designed for applications where large quantities of solids particulate are expected and regular clean-out is needed. A modified cone bottom basket can be tilted with automatic or manual blow-down through the drain port for easily flushable solids.

How does a Duplex Basket Strainer work?

The top of the Basket Strainers' screen is removed. The screen is built in the style of a basket with a lifting handle to make it easy to remove any particle gathered and kept by the screen for disposal. They're made for situations where high amounts of solids particles are expected and clean-out is required on a regular basis. For readily flushable solids, a modified cone bottom basket may be tilted with automated or manual blow-down into the drain hole. The screen is removed from the top using the basket, which is shaped like a screen. It contains raising handles that allow the basket to be raised and the screen to catch all particles, which can then be simply removed and discarded. This duplex basket strainer valve is utilized in businesses that demand a significant volume of solid or semi-solid waste and regular cleaning of particles. A conical bottom basket strainer is utilized for readily flushable solids. These Duplex Basket Strainer Valves are mostly used in the heavy metal industries. The Duplex Basket Strainer is a strainer that may be used in two ways. The Duplex Basket Strainer Valve is considered an enhanced variant of the standard basket strainer valve because of its three-way ball valve.

Application of Duplex Basket Strainer:

• Oil & Gas processing industry.

• Chemical industry.

• Power industry.

• Process industry.

• Metallurgy

• Mining industry.

Body materials: Cast steel (WCB, WCC, WC6, WC9, LCC, LCB), Ductile iron, cast iron, SS304, SS316, Duplex steel (F51, F53, 5A, 6A).

Class: 150 to 600,

Nominal Pressure: PN10 – PN63.

Size: 2” to 32”

Ends: Flanged

Strainer Manufacturer in India
Specialityvalve is a well-known Strainer Manufacturer in India. Any device that functions as a sieve or filter used to avoid solid bodies from mingling in a liquid stream flow is referred to as a strainer. In pipelines, they collect debris, rust, jointing compound, and weld metal, safeguarding the materials and systems from their harmful effects and reducing downtime and maintenance.">
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