USD 1000, Top Performing Supplier Audit By Quality Defender

Quality Defender Supplier Audit is capable of providing you with an all-round insight of your supplier by a thorough audit process verifying the legitimacy, background, financial status, R&D capability, manufacturing process and quality assurance system of your chosen supplier before you initiate your first down payment to them.

A good Supplier Factory Audit Report will give you insights into your potential supplier's legitimacy as a manufacturer, their R&D ability, manufacturing capability and quality control system. We attach great importance to the factory's quality control system when conducting an audit. Have the workers been trained? Are Work Instructions in place? Are the components and materials been tested? Is a Pilot Run a standard procedure for a new products? Are the testing equipment calibrated on a regular basis? What corrective measures will they take when having defective products? All these questions leads to making a sound decision when you assess a supplier.

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Manila, Tools, USD 1000,  Top Performing Supplier Audit By Quality Defender