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A moisture separator is one of the necessary components in a silo. It is a device used to separate excess air and humidity from grain during the storage period. Inside the separator, there are some horizontal rotating blades or smooth steel discs that enable free rotation while they are running by the force of centrifugal forces. The centrifugal force makes it possible to separate the excess air and humidity from the grain. This can be in form of warm and dry grain or chaff that gets discharged from the machine, while gravity makes it easy for the grain to move down towards storage structure.

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Moisture Separator works on the fact that when water and oil are mixed together, the lighter oil floats on top of the heavier water and can be easily removed. This technology is mainly used in various oil refinery and petrochemical plants where you require separating a mixture of oil and water. This oil-water separation system is quite helpful in cases of soil contamination by oil drainage.