A simple and minimalistic design with a corner fitting shape that is simple to install. Grand is a premium bathtub from Colston's Welness collection. It is part of the Waterfall series. Grnad is an excellent choice for your already lavish bath space because of its elegant design and powerful waterfall jets. Gates is available in two versions: Grand-14X and Grand-15X.


• Dimensions: L 1425 x W 1425 x H 570 mm/L 1495 x W 1495 x H 570 mm/L 1495 x W 1495 x H 570 mm

• Pump with 1.0 HP Whirlpool Jet

• Bubble Jet (10) (optional)

• 6 Jet Whirlpool

• Side Skirt on the Front

• Control Panel in Digital Format
New Delhi, Appliances, INR 1,  Grand Bathtub  By Colston