CR/ Company Formation/ Startup/ E-commerce (Amazon FBA/ Shopify)

- Are you looking to start a new business but don't know how/ or where to start?

- Planning to start an E-commerce store/ Amazon FBA, as a side hustle while you work on your main Business?

- Are you looking to try a business while you work your 9-5?

- Do you think your business has hit a road block with the target Market, in your operational region?

- Tired of the competition eating a piece of your pie (especially when there were only 2 slices to begin with)?

- What if you had a lot more options in terms of investors/ Crowd funding for your new Startup?

- Looking to start a company in the U. S. A or U. K. without having to travel to the country or putting down a heavy investment?

Look no further! We know exactly what you need and can help you with setting up a company and more! Here at Expansion Consultancy, we are in the Business of "Expanding Your Boundaries" for you!

We assist with setting up a U. S. LLC or U. K. LTD co. all while sitting in the comfort of your home country.

They say the average Millionaire has 7 streams of income. Let us at Expansion Consultancy, help make that goal a reality for you by providing you with the tools and resources for it.

Reach out to us and lets arrange a meeting. If you're still not interested after we've spoken all you've lost is 30mins but if you've gained something it will be worth it's weight in Gold! Call Now!
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