Electronic Devices Specialist( Installation & Repairing ) 20yrs Experience..

Name: Imtiaz Khan (Electronic Devices Specialist)
Email: [email protected]
Location: Dammam Khobar
Phone/WhatsApp: 0583511236
Iqama status: Transferable
An experience of over 20 years in the field of Electrical and Electronics I have many skills in my hand. I am looking for
a position, where I can learn and improve my knowledge and where I can utilize experience of electrical, electronic
skills and inter personal skills for the growth of the company and career.
Working Experience
Electrical Electronics Specialist at Zaid Electronics Peshawar Pakistan ( Jan 2001- May 2022 )
• Strong experience in fabrication electronic soldering and testing activities.
• Responsible for diagnosing, testing and repairing devices by following electronic procedures.
• Generating a range of electronic assemblies from various blueprints schematics and specification.
• Communicating with administration and district staff for receiving and conveying information to resolve concerns
and issues.
• Diagnosing problems in assembly and schematic drawings and recommend changes.
• Determining technical accuracy, operation, and proper sequencing of test procedures.
• Providing technical support to customers, including identifying and correcting specific customer problems.
• Installation of all Electronics devices as well as some electrical.
• Repairing and refurbishment of electronic devices i.e LCD, LED, Sound Amplifiers/Speakers, Inverters,
• Installation and Repairing of Car’s LCD, Computer, Sound System.
Maintenance supervisor and game designer (Apr2022-current)
Unknown Room – Escape Games
Duties responsibilities:
• Designing, maintaining, implementing, or improving electrical instruments, facilities, components, equipment
products, or systems for industrial, commercial, or domestic purposes.
• Conferring with customers, engineers, and others to discuss existing or potential engineering products or projects.
• Ensuring that installation and operations conform to standards and customer requirements by preparing electrical
systems specifications, technical drawings, or topographical maps.
• Establishing construction, manufacturing, or installation standards or specifications by performing a wide range of
detailed calculations
• Creativity & Innovation
• Analytical Ability
• Critical Thinking
• Proactivity & Problem Solving
• Leadership & Team Management
• Change Management
• Decision Making
• Self-Improvement & Sustenance
D.A.E. Electronics Technology 1999 Pakistan