How To Fix Black Screen Issue On YouTube TV?

Here are a few steps to fix black screen issue on YouTube TV depending on the brand of the TV one is using:

While using a smart TV:
1. Select the YouTube TV icon.
2. Hold it down for 3 seconds
3. Click on uninstall the app
4. Reinstall the app from the application store
5. Go to on a computer or phone browser
6. Enter the code and activate.
7. If the problem still persists, look for the app update. Outdated versions of the app can create Different issues, it also causes the crashing of the app unexpectedly.

While using a streaming device:
1. Getting a YouTube TV black screen error on Firestick
2. Press the home button on the firestick controller
3. Click on the top right of the settings
4. Select the applications and click on “Manage Installed applications”
5. Select YouTube tv
6. Click on Clear cache and clear data
7. Go to “YouTube Tv”
8. Visit
9. Enter the code and activate
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