This ad is used to find a job in the IT department.
I have completed a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. Specialty in Networks.
I am looking for a job in the networking field.
I have done working as an IT Support Trainer at Tazaj Company in Saudia Arabia.
I have learned about Computers in Al Tazaj Company on seven months. I have learned these things which as follows:

• Install, configure, and maintain information systems, networks, and associated hardware & software.
•Install and configure, maintain hardware, operating system, and applications within the company.
•Monitor and maintain computer systems and networks.
•Installing, Configuring, Maintaining, and Updating networking printers, scanners, and fax machines.
•Backup Configuration and Management.
•Good understanding of computer systems, mobile devices, printers, scanners, and other tech devices.
• Set up new users accounts and profiles and deal with password issues.
•Network cabling and testing its connectivity.
• Hardware Troubleshooting.
• Assembled New PCs (Mostly Dell Computers)
•Share files between different PCs in the same network.
• Access Software Server.
•Working on Point of Sale Machines.
• Testing and Making Ethernet Cable.
.• Maintaining a wide range of computer hardware and software programmers.
• Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, and Exchange, FTP, Remote Desktop and GPO.
• Setting up share and Access permissions for files and folders located in file servers.
•Good Knowledge of network & servers troubleshooting “ Switches, Firewalls, Routers ".
• Recovery of POS Machine (NCR ) Through Acronis True Image Software.
• Backup of Machine & PCs through True Image Software.
• Network Troubleshooting.
• Install SSD on POS.
• Working on TeamViewer Software
• Activating All Microsoft Windows.
• Connect Whole Computer (Monitor, Mouse, Keyboard, CPU ).
• Format Computers.
• Working on Aloha Software (RMS) Project.
• Working on Server PC.
• Enable and Disable Window Services on All Windows.
• Working on IP (Static and Dynamic)..
• Connecting the Computer to the Network through LAN Cable.
• Making join any computer to a domain.
• Checking Computer System Properties by using Command Prompt.
• Installing Drivers of All Computers (Desktop & Laptops) Models & Company.
• Installing and setting the IP Address in the Printer.
•. Adding on IP Printer to Windows 10.
•. Window 11 Upgration.
•. Working on NCR POS Machine, Kitchen Controller & Dell Desktop Servers.
• Booting the NCR POS Machines.
• Changing the File System of any Computer.

Basically My Interested in Computer Hardware.

These are things mentioned in the list which I had learned in Altazaj Company.

I was worked as an IT Support Trainee in Al-Tazaj Company.

Currently, I am living in Jeddah, Saudia Arabia. If relocation is needed for the job, I am willing to relocate anywhere in Saudi Arabia.

Iqama is transferable.

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