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Vendor Connect World Wide- reaching out you today to discuss about our services regarding Vendor registration, Pre-Qualification, AVL listing, Business assistance, Project Bidding Assistance etc... for Local & Overseas Companies from the Globe.
1. Aramco (Cybersecurity Certificate Mandatory), 2. SABIC, 3. SWCC, 4. TASNEE, 5, NEOM, 7, KJO, 8, FARABI, 9. MARAFIQ, 10, SASREF, 11, SIPCHEM, 12, NWC, 13, QIDDIYA INVESTEMENT CO, 14, RED SEA PROJECTS, 15, ROYAL COMMISSION, 16. ALMARAI, 17, QATAR PETROLIUM, 18, KUWAIT OIL COMPANY, 19, MARAFIQ, 20, SIPCHEM, KAFD, GE etc…
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