Know Cost Of Tooth Extraction By The Best Dentist In Gurgaon

Tooth extraction is a simple or surgical dental procedure carried out by the Best Dentist in Gurgaon at Aspen Dental to completely take out a tooth from its socket. It becomes necessary if there is a mouth trauma or injury, severely decayed or infected tooth, a child’s tooth doesn’t fall off in time for an adult permanent tooth to erupt, not enough space for all teeth inside the mouth, impacted wisdom tooth, or an orthodontic treatment requires the creation of a room for teeth to move into place. The surgical extraction is carried out for complex cases by making a gum incision while in simple extraction, the gum tissue and tooth are numbed, an elevator is used to loosen the tooth, and using dental forceps the tooth is taken out. For more information about cost of tooth extraction in Gurgaon, schedule a consultation with the tooth extraction dentist at Aspen Dental.

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