27, Seeking Pakistani Bride For Our Son Based In Riyadh

Required a suitable match for our son. The personal details are as follows:

Age: 27 years H: 5.9

Academic background: MBA (from Geneva Business School (Digital Marketing Specialist)
Working with: large catering company in Riyadh (Digital Marketing Specialist)

Father: Working with a paint company in the capacity of Project Coordinator
Mother: MASTERS - Teaching in some school - Riyadh

Sister: 1 Masters (Computer Science) Married and residing in Riyadh

Ethnic Background: Urdu Speaking family
Caste: Pathan (Mehmandzai)

Religious background: Sunni Muslim (Practicing) Do not believe in any kind of Biadh/Shirk/Nazro
Niyaz/ Grave worshipping (Qabar Parasti), Tawaham Parasti. We vehemently
believe in Tauheed in accordance with Quran and Sunnah. We have no
place for any kind of non-islamic rituals or beliefs.

Pakistan Address: : Baharia Enclave - Islamabad - Pakistan

Current Address: : Hai Al Rayan behind Suleman Habib Hospital - Riyadh KSA


Required an educated,beutiful,sunni girl punctual in somu salah,religious minded observing Sharia 'Pardah' covering face in front of the unknown people (Namehram) inside or outside of the house.
The girl should observe moral values and modesty according to Islamic Sharia.

Families living in Riyadh will be preferred.

Thanks & Best Regards

Please contact the following number
0509790961 (Father)
whatsapp: 00966 509790961