We Are Offering Accounting Service For Small Business At Affordable Rates!

We provide professional accounting, bookkeeping and tax filing services with very attractive prices. Our trained accountants post your transactions in Zoho Books (cloud based accounting software). You get all the reports you wanted and your books are tax-ready at all times.

Our Accounting service speciality:

1. Very attractive prices which is much less compared to the industry average. As a small business you don't have to incur much expense hiring a full time accountant. Instead you can avail our service and outsource your accounting function at much cheaper price.

2. Pay for what you need to record:
Our prices are based on the number of transactions to record. It simply means your charges are very less if you have fewer transactions to record.

3. Authorized Partner for Zoho: We are authorized partner with Zoho, and we use Zoho to record your transactions. Zoho is a cloud based software which can be accessed from anywhere in the world and also cab be accessed through mobile by Zoho mobile app.

4. You get all the reports:
You get all accounting reports like Trial Balance, Ledger Accounts, Profit and loss account and Balance Sheet as standard. And in addition Bank Reconciliation statement, Ratio Analysis, Cash flow reports, etc as option.

5. Tax filing
Since we prepare your books we make filing of your taxes on time and with 100% accuracy. We provide tax filing services to customers who opt for accounting service on discounted rates.

Our Other services:

* Internal Audit.
* Zakah Audit
* Financial Consultancy Services

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Ashique Odakkal
050 861 9345
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Visit our website for more info: www.fintech-ksa.com

Riyadh, Financial, We Are Offering Accounting Service For Small Business At Affordable Rates!