Need Humanitarian Assistance Help,Real Samaritans, Someone Who's Still Having Compassion,

For the sake of GOD, I'm requesting those who are reading this if there's someone who is willing to hand out a willing hand to in my severe humble situation/circumstances currently urgently. I'm coming from a homeless background, homeless in my own home country,without having any supportive network or place to stay even.
Don't know what to do anymore, I'm all alone here in Bahrain without having anyone by my side, not having any support or assistance, I'm having rent balance,they're holding my passport,I need urgent financial assistance/help in this,as I need to leave Bahrain.
I'm not having any source of income,no retirement as well.
Is there any good Samaritan with empathy who's willing out of humbleness, kindness to help,assist me in this please,without expecting anything back in return please?
Don't need useless phone calls please,no time wasters,NOT any secret meetings in car too.