Material Coordinator/Warehouse Supervisor/Material Controller

Material Coordinator having Around 7 Years of Professional Experience , Available for immediate joining , iqama is valid and transferable

➢ Monitored the status of the request for proposal, request for information, purchase orders and change orders until rejected, approved or submitted.
➢ Assured that material/services will be delivered on schedule, at a negotiated price and meet required manufacturing quality standards.
➢ Initiated necessary action to assure the best value is received; customer delivery requirements are met and address any manufacturing problems at the supplier's facility.
➢ Negotiated lowest possible cost for material, balanced against optimum quality and schedule needs.
➢ Proper receiving, storage, handling and preservation of material along with all attachments as per specification.
➢ Requisitioned material and established sequential delivery dates to departments, according to job order priorities and material availability.
➢ Develops accurate and complete charts, graphs and reports that adequately support findings and documents work performed.
➢ Computed amount of material required to complete job orders, applying knowledge of product and manufacturing processes.
➢ Transported materials from one department to another, manually or using material handling equipment.
➢ Identify areas of improvement in procurement process and work with process engineers to improve and standardize across regions.
➢ Arranged for repair and assembly of material or part.
➢ Confirm with suppliers to manage their open P.O. delivery dates and make adjustments when necessary.
➢ Assist Procurement Management with providing supplier dispute resolution.
➢ Monitored and controlled movement of material and parts on an automated conveyor system.
➢ Provide technical support to procurement, sub-contracting and construction activities included in the scope of work
➢ Actively supported and facilitated office functions and tasks to achieve annual goals.
➢ Analyzed daily records of customer shipments and returns.
➢ Ensured that construction materials meet specifications.
➢ Directly responsible for insuring material is received as per requirements.
➢ Identify cost savings opportunities for the customer. ➢ Work with suppliers to correct part/shipment issues.
➢ Worked pro-actively with the management team and maintained awareness of upcoming system changes.
➢ Monitored daily reports of requisitions, purchase orders, open and past due orders.
➢ Provided support during evenings and weekends when necessary.
➢ Collect, scan and upload documents following set procedures.
➢ Responsible for day-to-day document management workload.
➢ Ensure all technical documents, such as report, drawings, and blueprints, are collected and register in system.
➢ Notify personnel of uploaded document versions and how to access them.
➢ Support Technical Project team and other departments.
➢ Perform document control duties, which includes registering all the incoming and outgoing correspondence, transmitting drawings and documents and other related documentations.
➢ Provided personal and technical assistance and clerical support to the project control team as required, Duty includes assistance and support to Company Representative, Project Control manager and discipline engineers.
➢ Responsible for managing Emails, queries and distributing to the concerned personnel for their information.
➢ Consolidate all progress report/ from project site and submitted to each department head for weekly progress report and project cost and schedule.
➢ Maintain and arrange schedule of all the engineers assigned for weekly meetings. Duty includes set-up and coordinate meetings.
➢ Maintain the Project Master Document Register for tracking all technical and nontechnical documents.
➢ Take minutes of meetings of site staff weekly and monthly.
➢ Responsible to see that the assigned job is timely completed as per the project schedule.