Myself Abdul Zayed
Mechanical Engineer
Having work experience regarding HVAC systems.
Mitsubishi Electric, cimetrics solution and system. · Full-time
May 2018 - Apr 2022 · 4 yrs May 2018 - Apr 2022 · 4 yrs
Hyderabad, Telangana, India Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Email [email protected]
Transferable Iqama

• Responsible for implementations and monitoring of all mechanical-related HVAC (VRF Systems)
works at site as per approved drawings, methods, and safety rules.
• Assign targets for accomplishments and ensure targets are met on daily basis for all mechanical groups at the site.
• Carrying out all mechanical works and equipment installation activities.
• Pre-resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems at the site that may arise at any time.
• Review project specification, design drawing, sharp drawing, technical specification, and Method of statement.
• Monitor implementation of contractors’ quality plans, inspection plans, procedures, and work instruction.
• Ensure that the Piping and other Mechanical activities carried out by construction and subcontractors are performed to the company standards, Specifications, and PO requirements.
• Studying Engineering Drawing and Preparing the Bills.
• Coordinating with Vendors and Contractors for the timely Completion of the Projects.