24, Required A Sunni Groom For My Daughter Who Resides In KSA

As-salaamu alikum wa rahmathallhi wa barakatahu
Required a Sunni Groom for my daughter.

Sunni Muslim parents are seeking alliance for their daughter, Qualification B A, Pursuing 1st year .
She belongs to a decent, respectable and educated family residing in Saudi Arabia Madina Munnawara since 18 years.

She is amiable in nature, well mannered and educated. She was brought up in a religious atmosphere and respects Islamic and family values. She is beautiful and fair with sharp features of age 23 and height 5’5.

Groom's requirement

Religion and Aqeeda: Sunni (follows only Quran and Sunnah, free from Shirk and Bidah)
Qualification: Doctor, Engineer
Age: Not more than 30years

We are seeking a proposal from a Hyderabadi Sunni family residing in Riyadh. The groom should be a qualified professional, well mannered and belongs to an educated and loving family. Groom working in Jeddah or other regions like Riyadh, Dammam is preferable with an age of 25-30 having a good personality and fair complexion.

Interested parents or guardians are requested to send the groom's bio-data and latest non-studio photos first before asking the bride's bio-data and photos to the below email address or what's app 0554366450
Note :Marriage to be held in Madina Munnawara KSA.(Familys Wish),In Shah Allah if everything is agreed then we plan to do nikah in Saudi.

[email protected]

Jazakumallahu wa khyran