Plotter Cutting Machine Operator

• Minimum 2 years of experience
• Signage / Advertising / Media / Manufacturing
Ideal Candidate Profile:
• To operate the phototypesetting machine and electronic publishing systems in the preparation of a wide variety of materials for printing.
• To carry out all photo type setting activities including laying out letters and graphics, typesetting on computer and copying or enlarging of artwork etc.
• To reproduce and/ or enlarge all artwork to actual size for the production process.
• To work closely with the supervisor to monitor quality and check all work before passing to the next department.
• To ensure that the work area is maintained in a safe, productive and efficient condition.
• To report all equipment faults to the supervisor immediately.
• To liaise with production department and clients to ensure effective and accurate interpretation of specifications and requirements.
• To ensure records of material usage and operational activities are maintained accurately and completely.
• To work positively and efficiently as part of a team to maximize quality and efficiency.
• To contribute actively to all quality and training initiatives being undertaken by the company.
• To promote company image and reputation by providing excellent service and quality.
• To ensure all equipment, materials and time are used with maximum efficiency to ensure that all photo type setting work is completed in the most cost effective manner.

With AP/ Plotter Cutting Machine Operator in the subject line.