Looking For Job As A System Administrator/Network Administrator Position

Dear recruiters,

I've been an associate system administrator for the last five years. I'm pleased to share a few of my achievements in this position:

1. Oversee and manage all systems and infrastructure.
2. Installation, testing, and maintenance, including configurations.
3. Stating the state of installed applications and posing problems with those fixes.
4. Implement and keep up security, redundancy, and backup plans.
5. Recognize potential problems and incorporate viable fixes.
6. Analysis and collection of needs experience.
7. Strong debugging and troubleshooting abilities.
8. Setting up and installing networks, Hardware, and software.
9. Keeping track of system performance and resolving problems.
10. Ensuring the IT infrastructure is secure and effective.
11. Knowledge of databases, LAN/WAN networks, and patch management.
12. Install and set up the software, hardware, and operating system components. To make use of IT support workers, document the design, maintenance, and support procedures for the standard task.
13. Using end-user PCs to manually install programs.
14. Setting up PCs for new hires and leftovers from asset collections.
15. Making a thorough inventory of all the property's assets and submitting it.
16. Keep system and network security.
17. Investigate and resolve concerns that have been reported by users.
18. Network security is monitored.
19. Assess the system's performance and make changes.
20. Address IP connectivity issues and boost network performance by 25% while reducing vulnerabilities by 30%.
21. Computers that are part of the domain, managing various wireless network concerns, and establishing the exchange.
22. 2900, 2960X, 3560, and 3750G Cisco switches are being monitored and configured.
23. Inter-VLAN Routing, VTP, STP, VLAN Port Security
24. 1800, 1900, and 2800 Cisco Routers are being monitored and configured.

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