Measure voltage with or without test leads.
Be safer: Measure voltage to 1000V through the open fork, without test leads.
Be faster: Not need to open covers or remove the wire nuts simultaneously measure voltage and current.
Be more efficient: Simultaneously measure voltage and current.
Be everywhere: 17.8 millimeter opens fork is widest in the industry; Measure up to 200 am on 4/0 wires (120 Mm2).

The t6 1000 with field sensor technology lets you measure AC
voltage and AC current with or without Test leads. Its compact
design lets you access tight spaces that were previously not
possible. With field sense selected, slide the open jaw around a
cable and measure up to 200 A and 1000 V without breaking the
circuit. The backlit display shows both values simultaneously.
Plus, with frequency measuring and resistance measurement up to
100 KW, the T6 is the perfect front line tool for your tool bag.

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Jubail, Electrical & Plumbing, SAR 1200,  Fluke Electrical Tester T6-1000 (New Pack)