We are salafi ahlehadith residing in KSA since 43+ years Alhamdulillah seeking ahlehadith groom for our daughter age 27
Height: 5'2
▪︎She has done BA from ksa and doing online tafseer ul quran course .
▪︎she is a practicing muslim and observes niqab
▪︎Most of the time engaging to learn new things, youth issues in terms of Islamic perspectives, watching podcasts, informative things, Actively striving to learn beneficial knowledge.
▪︎Engaged in Listening and learning Quraan recitations from quras. Engaged in listening Quran tafseer class

Groom Details:

Some main traits/attributes we are expecting in him for instance;

▪︎He Should be practicing and be upon the Manhaj e Salaf , Salafi, Path of Sahaba/Companions
▪︎He likes to approach life based on Islamic principles while balancing deen and dunya
▪︎Visionary approach to help in the matter of hereafter
▪︎Understanding of Quran Should be at least of Basic Level. The good spouse is the one who can help in the matter of hereafter
▪︎He Should be educated i-e Professional Education / Islamic Education or currently studying, striving for betterment
▪︎Family marriage preference is in Saudi Arabia
Groom age : Below 35
We will get back to you in getting positive response for further proceedings.
One should be Religious N those who away from forbidden Bidaa, shirk, dargah, Second marriage, Dowry seekers etc please excuse

Plz send profile n picture first, so that one should not waste each others time.

Interested parents can kindly send the bio-data along with latest photos of the groom.

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جزاك الله خيرا