2 Tenders Close This Month End To Invite Quotes From The Contractors

2 Tenders close this month end to invite quotes from the contractors

Dear Contractors,

Please be informed and reminded that the 2 important tenders will close this month from the American army camp so invite quotes from Company contractors as follows:

1. Mail delivery Services among the American army locations at Kuwait - 3 Years Contract
Buehring to Arifjan & back to the Buehring as designated by the USG. All vehicles, associated equipment, and services provided shall be safely operable; they shall meet the intended functions and operations of like new conditions, without safety or mechanical defects that affect mission readiness or safe execution thereof; be in accordance with safety standards, the contract, and local laws and regulations. Trained, qualified and properly licensed operators will be able to operate vehicles and other items as directed to accomplish the mission.

2. Required Diesel Tankers - 3 for 4 Years contracts.

Defense Logistics Agency Energy intends to issue a solicitation for transportation services of approximately 6 million barrels of DLA-owned fuel by trucks within the country of Kuwait. The fuel will be loaded at various locations within Kuwait and delivered to multiple locations, also in Kuwait. Deliveries will be based on the type/quantity of fuel requirements at each delivery location.

You must register with US Base to participate in all tenders, I can help you to register with US base operations in Kuwait for that my charge is 350 kd. as a consultant. Those who are serious contractor personnel only contact me. This is my mobile number – 65683075 (including WhatsApp) and you may contact me by email at [email protected] always.
Kumar – 65683075

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