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Chief Accountant
• Ensures business processes, administration, and financial management.
• Maintains accounting system.
• Leads planning and forecasting activities with business partners to achieve business and company goals.
• Reviews financial reports.
• Prepares financial forecasts.
• Monitors financial details to ensure legal compliance.
• Analyzes revenue, expenses, cash flows, and balance sheets.
• Assists management to make financial decisions.
• Supervises employees.
• Investigates means to improve profitability.
• Reviews and processes payments of the company.
• Maintains an accurate filing and record keeping system for all financial statements and company documents.
• Participates in the execution of changes to procedures, policies, and systems to facilitate expansion, compliance, and scaling of the business.
Finance Manager Qualifications / Skills:
• Attention to detail
• Strong quantitative skills
• Working knowledge of GAAP principles
• Organized
• Responsible
• Ability to manage multiple projects
• Thoroughness
• Understanding of confidentiality
• Adept at analyzing information
• Decision making skills
• Adaptive
• Strong negotiation skills
• Financial modeling skills
Education and Experience:
• Bachelor of commerce
• 5 years managerial experience

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contact number : 0544601932