Am Sudanese General Accountant Looking For Job

am jeneral acountant
am graduated in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences
Accounting and Financial Management
2011 with a good grade A
my experiences
i worked in Sudan for a while
two years and also worked in Saudi Arabia
For a full year in a company specialized in the sector
Contracting and real estate development also worked in the field
Restaurants and cafes are my qualities of honesty and honesty
Alwsam company as accountant - 2015 to 2022

Registering and reviewing the points of sale of the company's branches of restaurants and cafes, and following up on expenses
and branch purchases
Review bank statements with the company's sales and purchases
Reviewing and following up the expenses and purchases of the construction sector and dealing with suppliers and customers
Work on the accounting restrictions program in recording the company's operations
Working on Value Added Tax (Quarterly)
omputer proficiency
Work on the accounting restrictions program
Working on Excel
work on google drive))
Work under pressure
Assisting in the continuity of the institution or company and transferring it to the better
Work under work pressure
ready to join now

documents and cv under request