Having Capacity For Project Manager / Quality (QA/QC) Manager - Ready To Join Immediately

Over 25 years of continuous professional experience in the Middle East working for EPC, multidisciplinary Design & Engineering Consultant and Supplier on Infrastructure and Residential, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas, Mining Industry, iconic design development projects, be responsible for
- Project Management
- Integrated QHSE (IMS) Management System
from the inception through to the close out stage
having exposure of Enterprise Asset Management System.
 Develop, review and maintain all quality milestone deliverables.
 Recruiting QC personnel as per project norms.
 Implement the corporate and project specific quality assurance and control plan.
 Attend Pre-Inspection Meetings.
 Review project specifications and quality requirements and then endorse inspection and test plan for the project.
 Liaise with all stakeholders prior finalizing the requirements of ITP.
 Review the customer’s specification and undertake relevant training to the site qc inspector.
 Review and endorse weekly & monthly quality reports.
 Liaise with 3rd party inspection agencies.
 Coordination for PQR/WPS development and witnessing.
 Review and endorse method statements/working instruction procedures.
 Review and endorse inspection checklists.
 Review and endorse risk assessment and job safety analysis.
 Ensure timely updating of Logs - Document Transmittals; Vendor/sub-vendor/contractor Approvals; RFI; Material/Samples; Data Sheets; MoS; Shop Drawings; As-Built Drawings; Risk Register, NCRs etc.
 Review and endorse RFIs after validation and verification of all requisites.
 Review and endorse construction drawings.
 Review and endorse construction material.
 Work distribution among QC inspectors for inspection activities
 Analyze NCR root causes and propose the corrective and preventive measures.
 Review and approve construction quality records & inspection results.
 Plan and manage the internal and external site audits.
 Coordinate with the site construction manager on all quality issues.
 Coordinate and chair the Quality site weekly meetings with the projects subcontractor’s QC personnel.
 Ensure monthly submission to client:
• Quality two-week look-ahead inspection schedule;
• Monthly & weekly quality management report;
• QA/QC organization chart & summary of QC personnel;
• Updated NCR reports (open/closed);
• All updated 3rd party test reports;
• Updated quality plan;
• Quality audit schedule;
• Quality audit report;
• Construction ITP approvals for all discipline;
 Review and endorse listed project close-out procedures:
• Equipment endurance testing procedures by respective disciplines
• Pre-commissioning and commissioning procedure
• Punch-list-procedure
• Site acceptance test (sat) procedure
• Final acceptance test (fat) procedure
 Supervise systematic preparation and archiving of Final project quality documentation/dossiers.