Buy Best Quality Torque Tester At Best Price In India

If you are looking for the best quality Torque Tester to test your product quality, then we suggest you to go with Presto. Presto one of the best and trusted testing instruments manufacturer in India. Here you will find a wide array of Torque Tester lab equipment as per your needs and requirements.
This digital torque tester with printer has been made with strong clamping pegs/holders for zero gripping support and a digital display that provide accurate and repeatable results. We have designed this high-quality lab testing instrument with an in-house calibration facility to have precise measurements of torque. Besides this, it has an adjustable clamping mechanism that will easily hold the different sizes of bottles with ease.
This high-quality lab testing equipment will easily save 9 sample readings with digital readout. Users can also monitor peak load with digital readout and get highly accurate testing results with the help of this lab testing instrument.
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