Dear parents,

Welcome to PLAY SCHOOL

Play School is a home based school,nursery,playgroup (day care)located in very decent area of Hara with neat and clean building having full security and ample of car parking space...

1.Me and my other staff if also well qualified trained and experienced...we are having 12 years of experience in this field...

2.Admissions are in progress

3.All Country students are welcome here

4.We are nurturing kids in very loving,caring and friendly atmosphere

5.Our motto is to give kids what is best for them.

6.We are using different techniques so that kids should enjoy learning and writing along with understanding

7.Our focus is on Spoken English and phonics

8.We are also accepting kids for daycare(activities and education will be provided on parents decision)according to kids age

9.Toddlers are welcome here in our play group activities

Timings:-7 am to 12 pm
4 pm to 10 pm (you can choose yours)

☑️Sorting activities
☑️Alphabet monster
☑️Cardboard tubes with Pom Pom
☑️Number counting
☑️Buttoning boards
☑️Matching objects
And many more

????Daily homework will be given

????Monthly/weekly test are taken

????Exercise time
????Story telling time

☑️Teaching kids to respect others,sharing and caring
☑️Developing team work attitude

????Competitions,functions and celebrations will be held

????Books and stationary will be provided from school

????Visit visa students can also join here

☑️For more information you can contact us on What's App 0550269234