?We are running Academy with 100 % commitment to giving your children education( above 2.5 years old)

It covers.
English (reading,grammar,spelling bee,vocabulary and oral group discussion)
Alphabets activities
Story telling and let the students to draw or paint or write the same story depends on student age

Math ( activities as per age)

Urdu( spelling bee .. sentences , creative writing , letters , speech competition)

Islamic studies (objective based worksheet)

Science(4 days activities revision on thursday)

Computer with lab work (paint, MS word , Power point , excel)
Drawing? (art)

5 days activities ( daily)
Kitchen day
Quran day
Speech/drawing day
Movie day
Games day

Social studies/ geography ( projects documentry)

Holy Quran ( nazra plus hifz depend on student's age )

Daily homework with Conduct exams /test /result as in regular school?

Location alsafa district 1 near old shobra just opposite street to the albaik

Contact :0538997915

Evening 4 pm to 10 pm