Mrinal (R) And Nawang Together At Mrinal’s Graduation

He stood by me like a rock, solid as ever, through all the trials and tribulations of medical school life. At the time I joined the Grant Medical College and the Sir J J Group of Hospitals, my parents had to leave India as the company gave them a foreign assignment. I had to move into the boys’ hostel, which was famous for its intense sessions of ragging. I remember Nawang ensuring that he came to visit me every so often. He had a huge muscular and bulky frame and was intimidating, to say the least. He would walk with me as if to send a message to the seniors that this guy is not to be messed with.

He understood me extremely well and we had a great time enjoying common passions. To name a few the things that interested us the most, were the Indian army, cricket, philately, current affairs, field hockey, and food.

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