Sales Coordinator (EXPATS-FEMALE)

Roles and Responsibilities:

1. To enter sales orders and confirm orders quickly with accuracy in terms of customer name, item code, correct price, and quantity. Any change in price whether more or less should have written approval by the Marketing and Product Development Manager.

2. To ensure that all sales order bookings and printing of invoices are completed by 3:00pm for warehouse to collect and sign each day for next day’s delivery. On Thursdays all order bookings must be printed by 12Noon for Saturdays delivery.

3. To make sure that customers accept copies of all invoices with the sale order and the LPO has been received accordingly.

4. To handle and deal with salesman enquiries, request for samples, quotations as well as taking orders from salesman via telephone.

5. To maintain the file of special prices for every salesman

6. To update Deeko price list on a monthly basis

7. To assist the Marketing and Product Development Manager / sales Supervisor as and when required

8. To ensure that every day local sales order booking and printing of invoices are being done on priority basis an invoices are forwarded to stores by 10:00am. At the latest for the orders received up to 9:30am

9. To ensure that in case of non-delivery or under-delivery of goods, a credit note has to be issued for the same, a copy of which would be filled, together with the invoice.

10. To issue copies of the invoices as and when required.

11. To submit a weekly sales order processing report

12. To update “special prices” for each customer in the system, immediately on approval and record the updating the approval paper with signature and date.


Bachelors Degree in Sales & Marketing/Administration/or equivalent

2-3 years experience in FMCG industry

Female preferably

Send your CV to [email protected]