PU Foam Sprayer/Istaller

Roles & Responsibilities:

Installing spray foam insulation in commercial or residential structures, including walls and roofs
Preparing surfaces for spraying by cleaning and repairing cracks in walls, removing old paint or wallpaper, patching holes, and priming all surfaces to be sprayed
Mixing solutions of polyurethane resins and other materials used in spray foam insulation applications
Measuring and mixing materials such as polyurethane resins and fire retardants to prepare them for spraying
Applying foams to surfaces using hand or mechanical sprayers
Cleaning equipment after each use, including hoses, nozzles, and filters
Determining the type of foam needed for each application based on the requirements of the project specifications
Applying foams using hand or mechanical sprayers to insulate walls and roofs, including applying fire retardant materials to prevent flammability of structures
Inspecting equipment regularly to ensure safe operation and maintenance of equipment in accordance with manufacturers’ instructions


Secondary Graduate

1-2 years of previous experience with the same field or atleast exposure and knoweldge on the basic

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