Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore

Wisdom teeth are the third pair of molars in the mouth, placed in the very back, and are generally the last to emerge; and this general, these teeth grow between the ages of 17 and 26. If you're one of the individuals who doesn't have wisdom teeth, don't worry- it's not a bad thing!

People with wisdom teeth don't have enough room in their mouths to fit the molars which causes real pain in the neck and jaw. Wisdom teeth can grow on an angle or against your second molars if they don't have enough room to grow, causing overcrowding or damage to other healthy teeth. It can also make removal more difficult, so dentists frequently advise wisdom tooth removal early on.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction Cost In Singapore can be SGD150-350 per tooth. However, wisdom tooth surgery that is more complex requires higher expertise and equipment to ensure that the wisdom tooth extraction goes smoothly. To get more info, visit the link https://www.vividdental.sg/ ... or call us @ +6562277708
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