• Preparation of Shop Drawings For Drainage , Water Supply, Fire and HVAC.
• Preparation for all Mechanical Sectional Details and 3 dimensional (Isometric) drawings.
• Coordinated and completed all project shop drawings for NGFC. Within the scheduled period of time.
• Prepare the Mechanical Riser details and Sectional Installation Details.
• Follow the Comments from Consultant for Plan, section and supporting details for site execution.
• Coordinate with Other Disciplines Civil, Architectural and Electrical Services and Departments.
• Preparing Civil coordinates for installation of External Piping for Sewer, Fire, Portable water, Irrigation,
Catch basins, Buried Gate valves, Fire Hydrants, Fire Department Connection and Manholes.
 Study/Review of tender documents, scope of work, drawings, BOQ, specification for estimation of
complete fire systems i.e (fire alarm, voice evacuation, monitored emergency light/ central battery
systems, firefighting system.
 Hands- on in preparing Bill of Quantities and Estimations withe active involvement in fire system
projects review and analysis.