Security experience
Assisted in securing backstage area and scanning for proper backstage credentials.
Worked closely with the audience at each performance to insure the safety of the artist and the audience members. Helped arrange security details that would cover critical areas of the venue for certain events.
Professional Security Agent with an understanding of the law and an ability to maintain company security policies. Adept in hand to hand combat customer service and Internet security. Specializes in event security corporate group security and hospitality security.
A meticulous security guard with varied background in security and threat control. I have the ability to direct
and enhance security procedures to ensure the safety and protection of the staff, customers and properties of
the organizations I have worked for.

Security Guard National Hospital Abuja, Nigeria.

Attention to details • Crowd Monitored CCTV to identify suspicious persons.

management and threat Accessing security needs of emergency situation and
detection • Security risk
being proactive in solutions. Scanned over 200

assessment and follow up • incoming and outgoing personnel daily using hand-held
Analytical thinker and problem wands and x-ray machinery to protect building, assets and
solver • Communication skills • individuals. Searched for banned harmful objects or

High level of accuracy • substances to ensure the safety our staff and customers.
Trustworthy and discreet when Security Officer Hommy Hotels Abuja, Nigeria.

dealing with confidential Reviewed camera and system feeds. Monitored

activities across car lot and contacted police in case of any
unauthorized entry. Manual scanning of luggage to

detect theft and items by customers checking in and out of hotel premises