I am a highly qualified and experienced English Teacher and have been an examiner for Cambridge affiliated examinations. I am currently teaching at a Cambridge affiliated English language institute alongside working at ‘SAT academy’ which is accredited for the preparation of SAT examinations. I offer private one-to-one highly organized tuitions, group tuitions and online classes as well.

I have been an incredibly successful private English tutor in Jeddah and Riyadh over the last few years. I have tutored students of more than 15 nationalities (Saudis, Bangladeshis, British, Egyptians, Indians, Jordan, Koreans, Lebanese, Pakistanis, Russians, South Africans and many more) privately and in groups with my youngest student being just 4 years of age and my oldest being 55. Moreover, I have taught professors at King Abdul Aziz University as well and am currently teaching at various academies and institutes. As a result of teaching such a huge variation of contrasting backgrounds, English levels and psychologies and being trained by the professionals of Oxford University, I have a sound knowledge and experience in dealing with all types of students.

I teach all levels of English starting from the absolute beginner level which involves the introduction of phonics, formation of proper capital letters along with small cursive letters, going up to the advanced levels of English, such as essay writing, literature etc. For my tuitions, I offer a one hour free tutorial for the parent’s and student’s satisfaction. During the free tutorial, I predominantly assess the student on his/her behavioral patterns, academic skills and cognitive-thinking abilities as I reckon that these factors contribute significantly to the student’s particular “needed” teaching methodology and hence allowing time to be used efficiently. I also practice a strong British accent which allows me to ensure that the student’s pronunciation is correct and up to the mark. I focus on the fluency, allowing the student to be a confident speaker.

In addition to this, I also help students prepare for British and American examination boards such as IGCSE (English as a first and second language), A levels and SAT.

I also teach students IELTS (International English Language Testing System) and TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) both of which are international English Language exams needed for work and student visas.

For IELTS, I provide the students with highly customized notes, practice worksheets (comprehension sheets, vocabulary matching sheets etc) and ‘mini stories’ which are basically pre-recorded audio lessons containing stories that the student listens to in my absence which helps them to remember words, idioms, phrases etc. The student can listen to the mini stories throughout the day, at a specific time, in the car or even as they workout as this helps the student remain exposed to English regardless of their task/time of the day. A script for the mini story is provided as well in order to help the student understand the story better. These methods altogether have been very efficient and effective in helping the students improvise in the listening and speaking sectors. The customized notes and practice worksheets focus on the reading and writing components.

If you need my assistance, help or services then please feel free to call me on: 0535117561

I look forward to hearing from you soon.