Civil Engineer / Civil Site Engineer

Dear Sir / Madam,

This is Mohamad Kashif Nawaz.

Position: - Civil Site Engineer
Khomeini international Co.
Contact: +966-592636570
E-Mail: [email protected]
Professional Summary; -

More Than 8 years of professional experience in the Construction of Buildings (Residential/High Rise/Commercial), Specially in Site Execution and Supervision. Working knowledge in Quality control and Quantity Surveying. I have operated with companies dealing the projects in Civil Engineering ranging from medium to large scale industries which gave me depth in understanding for handling various domain areas in Civil Engineering. I have handled various critical and challenging projects from the design stage to the implementation stage and ensured that the projects get implemented as per specification in the stipulated time with quality. Having equipped and expertise with various of the latest engineering tools and techniques, cost evaluation techniques, and tools which I applied in my professional career to produce cost-effective solutions for the organization I worked with. I can handle high-pressure environments with ease and an open mind and am also a good team player.
Employment Profile:
Coordinating With: -

• Procurement department
• Procurement Qc Supervisor,
• Technical Department for Drawings and Quantities,
• Quality Department
• Purchasing Department
• Accounts Department,
• Material Suppliers
• PID/PMT-(Client)
• Sub Contractors for Installation of Material at the Site
• Different Department of K.I.C.

Activities Responsible for Site: -

Structural Work; -

• Review of Specification & Scope of Work for Each Activity.
• Backfilling of Allotted Land as Site Requirement,
• Making of Temporary Facilities, at, Site, Like Office, Storage Room, Security Room, Material
Storage Area.
• Temporary Site Toilet and Mess hall.
• Concrete Pouring of Walkway Duct Bank.
• Making the Weekly Work Schedule as Per Planning.
• Follow up With Supplier Procurement and Purchase department For Requested materials.
• Inshore the surveyor marking For Each Activates.
• As Required Excavation, Structural Backfilling, And Compacting.
• Formwork and Rebar Installation for Footing, Raft Foundation, and Slab as Per Approved
• Pouring of Lean Concrete, Foundation, Columns, Beams, and Slab.
• Precast Lintel Beam Installation.
• Concrete Pouring of Footing, Columns, and Slab.
• C.M. U Layouts & Installation as Approved Shop Drawing.
• Water Proofing Top of Roof Asper Approved Details Drawing and Materials.
• Boundary Wall Footing Columns And C.M.U Installation and Plaster

Finishing Work: -

• Preinstallation And Surface Preparation of Plaster.
• Closing all openings after block work and electrical mechanical work.
• Final Plaster for Internal & External Wall Columns and Beam as per Specifications And Client
• Gypsum Board Installation with approved materials and Fixing Details Drawing Ceiling, Wall
Partition, and closing Shaft. as Required.
• Paint on internal walls with quality Specifications and approved paint materials, on concrete
wall gypsum walls, and ceiling.
• Eternal wall paint with glossy Finishing and texture paint finished.
• Floor and Wall Tiles Installation With the approved materials as Per Tiles Patterns & Shop
• Marble installation on Stairs and Entrance.
• Aluminum Doors and Windows installation.
• Metal Decorative Screen Installation on the balcony.
• Steel Doors and Frame installation in Family and Guest Entry.
• Wooden Doors and Frame Installation with Approved Designed, material, and fixing details
• Wall Mounted Wooden Handrail.
• Kitchen Cabinet With Counter Top.
• Floor Mounted Aluminum Hand Rail Installation.
• Parking Shad installing.
• Garage Door installation.
• Roof Hatch with Loft Ladder Installation, With Approved Materials and Details Drawing.
• Interlock Installation of Walkway, And Garage Area.
• Waterproofing membrane on top of the roof. and waterproofing in a wet area
• Prepare the Schedule and Request for Each and every work Inspection with Quality and Client.
• Ensure That All As-Built Details Are Recorded and Properly Documented.
• Walkthrough for handing over the site and closing the comments after the walk-through.

Site Handled:

• Archive the Weekly Target of Work.
• Service Utilities.
• Road Tie-In.
• Catch Basin.
• Over Side Drains.
• 7 Foremen & 3 Leadman.
• 380 Skilled and Unskilled Labors
• Logistics - Water tanker, Bobcat, Loader, Exactor, compactor, dump truck, and J.C.B,
Mobil Crane

Position: - Civil Draughtsman
Khonaini International Co.
Activities Responsible: -

• Review Specifications And. Related Project Documents and Scope of Work.
• Review I.F.C Drawings
• Preparation of Presentations Drawing of Civil Building Projects
• Prepared Shop Drawing.
• Creation of Civil Architectural Drawings.
• Plans and Section Details as Site Required.
• Creation of Elevations of All Views. In 2d. Drafting.
• Preparation Of (B.B.S) Bar Banding Schedule. For All Structural
• Modified Drawing as Per Redline Drawing and T.Q,
• Preparation of Structural Drawing Plan Section and Indivisible Details Raft and Footing
Foundation, Columns Beam and Slab. Details.
• Making Tiles and Marble Layout Elevation and Section Details Drawing.
• Panel Board Schedule for Electrical Connection and Telecon Drawing.
• Conduit Layout Drawings for Electrical.
• Draw Layout Drawing for Ceiling Light. And Grounding.
• Prepared Wooden Door and Windows Fixing Details Drawings.
• Preparation of Door, Window Kitchen Cabinet, and Closet Cabinet Schedule and Fixing Details
• Prepare Landscaping Drawing. Park, Playground, Grass, and Trees Plan and Details Drawing.
• Road Construction and Walkway Details Drawing Preparation.
• Making Layout Drawing for Irrigation Pipe Line For Trees and Park.
• Prepare Drawing for Infra Electrical Lighting Pole and Park Light.
• Prepare All Sporting Documents for Drawing Summation for Client Approval.
• Updating All Comments from Clients, And Re Submit the Drawing with Revision.
• Updating Remarking for Final As-Built Drawings.
• Visit the Site for Giving Technical Sports to Construction for Any Small or Big Issues with
• Converting 3d into 2d Design Files

Educational Qualification: -

• 10th Class from Punjab Board.
• 12th Class from Punjab Board.
• Diploma in Auto Cad (2d.3d).
• Senior Secondary School from Punjab Board.