I Am Seeking For A Job Opportunity - Available To Join Immediately

ROLES: Accounts Assistant, Sales and Customer Support, Storekeeper/Purchaser, Office Admin, Marketing, Restaurant Staff, Hospitality Staff

Dear Hiring Managers,

About me!

Thank you for viewing my page. I'm confident I have the skills and qualifications needed to succeed. I am a fast learner, a self-starter, a good team worker and I can be relied upon to finish tasks quickly, diligently and to a standard that is representative of your company brand. In previous roles, I had a track record of achievements. For example, in my last job, I had worked alongside a team of people to successfully launch a new company product. We achieved our goal by working together, by focusing on each other's strength, by advertising on relevant platforms and by delivering outstanding customer service every step of the way. I have the attributes needed to build a strong relationship with people that means your clients will end up becoming long-term, loyal customers of your business. I am the type of person who will always act as a positive role model for your company, I will manage large workload successfully and I will always embrace a change positively so your company always stays ahead of it's competitors.

1. Bachelor Of Commerce (Accountancy) at University
2. Diploma in Integrated Business Studies at University
3. WAEC Certificate in Business at Senior High School

Interested to hire me, please Contact 34480892 or Email: [email protected]