I Am Looking For Store Keeper Job

I am looking for Store keeper job i have 6 years experience in this field

➢ To exercise general control over all activities in Stores Department.
➢ To ensure safe keeping both as to quality and quantity of materials.
➢ To maintain proper records.
➢ To initiate purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock of all regular
stores items whenever the stock level of any item of store approaches the
minimum limit fixed in respect thereof.
➢ To initiate action for stoppage of further purchasing when the stock level
approaches the maximum limit.
➢ To check and receive purchased materials forwarded by the receiving
department and to arrange for the storage in appropriate places.
➢ To reserve a particular material for a specific job when so required.
➢ To issue materials only in required quantities against authorised requisition
notes/material lists.
➢ To check the book balances, with the actual physical stock at frequent
intervals by way of internal control over wrong issues, pilferage, etc.
➢ Issuing and receiving stores to and from Direct Labour and Contractors.
➢ Checking and unloading deliveries safely in the correct areas.
➢ Putting stock away in accordance with the Company’s Quality procedures
(stock rotation)
➢ Receiving fuel deliveries in a safe and controlled manner
➢ Performing ‘cyclic counts’ and routine stock checks fuel dips as required
➢ Serving credit and cash customers at the stores counter.
➢ Assisting with the organisation of the main store and off-site locations such as
Nork Reservoir or from time to time temporary stores facilities within the
company area.
➢ Assisting with input onto the stores computer and occasionally placing
purchase orders on the instruction of the store’s Manager or in his absence.
➢ Maintaining the outside area of the stores and yard in a safe clean and tidy

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