The Mahabharata is a complex literary and aesthetic work comprising 18 major books full of narrative action and contemplation. In addition to being an important sourcebook for Indian culture—which influenced sculpture, painting, music, literature, drama, and dance throughout Asia—the Mahabharata's philosophical and narrative arc represents a sophisticated and thorough analysis of the human condition. This certificate program systematically covers the text of the Sanskrit epic in translation.

Designed for individuals seeking a deeper understanding of the Indian tradition, it provides a bridge between everyday cultural knowledge of the characters and events in the epic and a learned understanding of the text's literary and philosophical project. Ritual, iconographic, literary and art-historical perspectives complement the philosophical evaluation of the epic. The goal is to lead the student on a journey of discovery not only through one of the classics of world civilization, but also through the literary structure and deep philosophical rigor of the epic, to provide plural paths for cultural and self-discovery.

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