37, Indian Hyderabadi Bride For Groom Well-settled In Hyderabad


A highly educated (Masters from the UK), well-off, and a decent boy from a reputed family of Hyderabad, INDIA is looking for a suitable girl who has education of Deen and Duniya. The boy was married a few years ago, but due to unfortunate and unanticipated circumstances, the relationship didn’t turn out to be fruitful and hence ended up with separation. The primary reason for separation was that the girl was passionately focused on her professional life and didn't have interest in being a family woman or a homemaker. Please note that there are no kids from the previous marriage.

The boy is specifically looking for a life partner who is raised with Islamic values and authentic Indian Hyderabadi culture that promotes love, care, and respect for each other and a girl who could be a homemaker. The boy and his family are financially well-off and Allah Almighty has blessed them with all the comforts of life, and they have no demands except that the girl should be ethical, friendly, and family-oriented.

The boy is well-settled and desire to have a bride who can live with him in Hyderabad. He doesn't want to travel abroad for employment.

Should you know (in family or friends) a girl who is looking for a loving, caring, friendly, responsible life partner with a great sense of humor, please, call or WhatsApp at 0544700680.

Jazakhallahu Khair!