Buy Metal Aluminum Case In Black Color For Raspberry Pi Board

A Metal Aluminum Case Black for Raspberry Pi is a protective housing for the Raspberry Pi single-board computer. The case is made of aluminum and is finished in black color, providing a stylish and durable protection for the Raspberry Pi. The case is designed to fit the Raspberry Pi board securely, and it has cutouts for access to the various ports and connectors on the board. It also helps to dissipate heat, ensuring that the Raspberry Pi operates at optimal temperature. If you're looking for a stylish and durable case for your Raspberry Pi, a Metal Aluminum Case Black may be a good option. Campus Component is a leading distributor of electronics components and accessories in India. We offer Metal Aluminum Case in Black Color for Raspberry Pi Board. You can contact Campus Component directly to inquire about the availability of this product, as well as the price and any other relevant information. You can also check Our website for a full list of products and services offered. Visit-
About this item
• Design with good heat dissipation, passive cooling design, net weight up to 184 grams, don't need to install the cooling fan or heatsink, this is a heatsink case.
• Access to all ports of Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, GPIO cable interface is reservered, support to install the gpio cable.
• Made of high quality aluminum material. Equipped with a copper heatsink to replace the thermal pad at the CPU part, and attach proper silicone grease (not included) on two sides of copper heatsink to get better heat dissipation
• Reserve the TF Card slot for easy access.

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