Hindu University of America offers many courses such as: Vedic Courses, Sanskrit Courses, Vedic Study Courses, Hindu Vedas.
How does one straighten out an agenda-driven narrative that has not only been widely disseminated, but also widely bought into by young minds? By asking uncomfortable questions and leaving them to be answered by expert faculty, Krishna Kavita avers ji.

It is quite a blessing to have found an institution like the Hindu University of America at this stage of my life after searching for a safe space to be myself and express my thoughts without fear. A Hindu who practices and believes in the welfare of all beings, you think, poses no threat to anyone. Sorry, you are very wrong!

But for the course I took with HUA: Race and Modern Hinduism by Dr. Joydeep Bagchee in January 2021, I would not understand why there is so much hatred and mistrust directed towards Hindus, especially in the US where this is happening. being the most educated and wealthiest of the minorities who are also the most law abiding.

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