Epoxy General Contractor مقاولة ايبوكسي

Epoxy flooring is a floor that is strong, durable and easily maintained. Traditionally, epoxy floors are installed in garages, carports and warehouses. They are highly durable floors that are made to handle heavy machinery and oil spills.


We are doing Types of Epoxy Flooring

Normal Epoxy Flooring ( Single Colour )

Normal Epoxy Flooring ( 2 Colour Shades )

Floor Grinding & Leveling

Traffic Line Marking

Epoxy Anti Skid Flooring

Mortar Epoxy Floors

Granule Epoxy Floors
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Makkah, Construction, Epoxy General Contractor مقاولة ايبوكسيMakkah, Construction, Epoxy General Contractor مقاولة ايبوكسي