Providing Tuition For Students Who Are Not Able To Attend School ????????‍????????

I am an experienced tutor, taking classes from pre kg to 8th grade at my ????
All subjects are thought in a private tutoring session

Face to face teaching is always fun and easy to learn.Here I am providing the opportunity for both students like children who are not going to school or who may need little more attention than school classroom teaching

* Helping students with their homework ????
*improving students performance and writing skills ????
*Giving students more flexibility to write and read ????
*Special learning program for children who are not able to attend school ????

Kindergardten Activities:

Alphabet's & Numbers Reading and writing
Activity ,phonics
Shapes, Colors, Fruits, Animals& Flowers.
Alphabet&number worksheets.

Individual attention for all kids. Neat atmosphere
Time schedule
Evening-6:00pm to 8:00pm

For kg section:200riyal /month (5days/week )
1st grade to 3rd:250riyal
4th grade to 8th:300riyal

If any parents or students wants a companion ????‍???? to help with ur studies please contact me
WhatsApp only