Device/activate: Solved device/activate: Solved Enter the Code: Want to know how to enter the code for A four-digit code known as Enter Code can be used to enable and gain access to endless entertainment.

Learn how to manage Input Code. Scroll down for information on how to configure SonyLIV for your Smart TV as well as Android devices.

1 device/activate

SonyLIV is among the top streaming services online which lets you watch original programs, documentaries television programs, sports on the go and many more.

2 How do I insert my code on

Please follow the instructions below in order to enable the account on account:

* Set your smart TV up (Make sure your TV has an internet connection).

* Then, head on your TV and search for your Sony LIV app.
In the event that your Smart TV does not have the SonyLIV application You can get it from the app

* Visit the app store, and click the icon that appears to be the shape of a search box.
Search for “Sony Liv” and click the search button.

* Choose the Sony application in the results of the search.

* Select”Install” and then click the “Install” button and wait until the installation process is complete.

* Go on the main page, and launch the SonyLIV application.

* Look for the option to sign up and click on it.

* After a few minutes the screen will ask you to enter an activation code. You can write it down or
stop the video.

* Visit from a mobile phone or computer or any other device.

* Then, you’ll be asked to input your email address as well as your phone number. Simply type in
your linked account number or telephone number into the box.

* Enter the activation number you received in the correct box and then click the activate device

3 How do I sign up to Sony’s Liv application

* On the Play Store, you can download your Sony Liv app.

* Sign in to the app for Sony Liv.

* Enter your email or phone number. address.

* Log in using the OTP.

* You’re now signed-up for Sony Liv.

4 How to get a SonyLIV Subscription?

* Open the app for SonyLIV.

* Verify your mobile number.

* Select the subscription plan you want to use for each month.

* You can pay using any method you choose.

* All done! You’ve completed your subscription.

5 How can I stream SonyLIV to SonyLIV devices that run Android?

* Visit the Google Play Store.

* Hit on the “Search” button.

* Look for the app SonyLIV.

* Select the app.

* Click on the option that says “Install.”

* Open the app for SonyLIV.

* Click the link to log in.

* The code that will turn on your television can be displayed at the top of the screen.

* Copy the code.

* Go to on your computer or mobile device.

Enter your email address as well as telephone number.

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