Please Need Humanitarian Assistance Help ????

For the sake of GOD, I'm requesting those who are reading this if there's someone who is willing to hand out a willing hand to in my severe humble situation/circumstances currently urgently. For many months now, I'm asking/requesting assistance/help, there's NOT any soul overhere who's having compassion not even having any empathy towards others suffering/problems,means there are no good Samaritans over here even????Don't know what to do anymore, I'm all alone here in Bahrain without having anyone by my side, not having any support or assistance, have tried all options/ways without any improvement. I really need serious assistance/help! I need financial assistance/help, really please ????
Don't need useless phone calls please,no time wasters,NOT any secret meetings in car too.
Notice: I'm NOT interested in anything that has to do with sex,not interested in any sexual activities, as well.
Please ,please DON'T respond or call, if you're not having any clean intentions, not having any empathy/sympathy and compassion towards others. Who is willing to reach out a helping hand please, NO unnecessary phone calls if you're not willing to help out, People who are only willing to help out,for getting something back in return, NO need to call/contact too. READ,UNDERSTAND English BEFORE RESPONDING!!
Isn't there anyone who's willing to reach out a helping hand please,still feeling,having empathy,compassion towards others please??I'm stocked stranded overhere,all alone ????I really need some humanitarian assistance and help