Group For Ride Share And Parcel Delivery - NOT FOR DRIVERS

It's a FAMILY group created for Helping Each other

Please join the group if you want to share your rides or if you have some space to carry parcel/documents/Bags/Luggage from one place to another place

Within KSA City to City or outside Country


If you not able to join, send me whatsapp message 0544275765


*Terms and Condition*

Group is for ”RIDE SHARING/carrying the PARCEL”
Audience: Family Group (Male & Female)

1. Members should Self-verified before dealing any financial things.
2. Avoid conflicts, No Hate Speech.❌
3. No Promotions or Spam.❌
4. Don't post any political /Social media posts (especially unnecessary religious/political messages)❌
5. Don’t use group for entertainment or chit chat purpose.❌
6. Respect everyone privacy.✅
7. Be kind and courteous.✅
8. Irrelevant post strictly prohibited ❌
9. Professional Drivers/Pick & Drop Service Providers/Related Business are NOT Allowed

Carrier responsibilities: Should check the contents of the parcel to be carried, all carrier reserves the rights to decline whether if they want to proceed.
where possible purchase the item.
For any scam or fraud: ADMINS will not be responsible, our job is to facilitate the community and help people

Group Moto:
We’ve all faced the situation where we wish we could find someone travelling from a particular place and bring us something we need. Like: Baggage, Documents, even Grocery Or Share the RIDE.

This group is for where members connect with other members who want to send / get stuff from one place to another. Share the ride if they’re travelling to one place to another.
Simply ASK if anyone is travelling from your desired starting location if you are looking for some stuff to be carried or POST if you are travelling so someone can get their stuff.
The traveler may or may not CHARGE for the package that they may carry or the service they provided.

Disclaimer: The group, it’s creator, admins and moderators bear no responsibility for the contents provided to the traveler / carrier by the sender, this group is only for purposes of facilitating connections between travelers and senders / requestors.

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