Services ⚖️⚖️⚖️


1: Family Permanent visa or Visit services .
Apply or Process and get approval.

2:Final Exit (Huroob or Expired) cancel from jawazat or Ministry of labour (Maktab alamal).

3:Jawazat print Ban or Matloob  Prints .

4:Extend visit visa online throw border or without travelling .

5: Passport update in jwazat for iqama renewel .

6: Solve issues of Ministry of Labour All services (Maktab Alamal).

7: Iqama Print lost or new

8:Driving license .

9:Medical for : Iqama ,driving license ,Hunger and delivery jobs .


1: Remove old car or solded scrap car.
Issue car driving license.

2: Issue new id or iqama number for new worke visa holders.

Please contact on whatsupp for explain ur requirement .


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