XIAOMI Mijia Pulse Water Gun Large Capacity 9m range Multiple firing Mode Safe High Pressure Water Gun.
Suitable for people aged 14 and over, the Xiaomi Mi Pulse Water Gun features a cool, dynamic light effect that flashes in time with the rhythm of the shot and is 657mm long and weighs 2670g.
The water pistol has a 10-15 second auto-absorption and three firing modes: burst, single shot and power shot. In addition, the Xiaomi Mijia Pulse Water Gun has a high-definition tactical display, which shows the firing mode, power and water status in real time.

This is no ordinary water gun, the pleasure is so simple

Cool lights that move with the strike
Light interaction for an upgraded experience

Automatic water absorption for instant "fighting"
10-15 seconds to refill the water tank

3 "battle" modes
single shot, burst shot, power shot

Tactical screen display
Know "combat" status at all times

Ultra range of 9 meters
Strong power, simulates true "combat" body sense

Quick automatic water absorption Go into action at once

Just put the gun head into the water and push the trigger forward to automatically fill the water tank within 10-15s. You can also stop replenishing at any time and immediately join the "battle"

* Warm tips: It is not recommended to use sea water, sea water contains sediment impurities and fine particles, sediment and sea water into the product will affect the service life, and the impurities may cause harm to the human body when shooting, please use clean and free tap water for water gun.

Three launch modes Tactics adjust to change

Boot the default continuous firing mode, long press the trigger continuous discharge, achieve multi-point shooting. Press the Mode button to switch to single shot mode and short press the trigger to fire single shot. Power storage mode, long press the trigger, both sides of the beam light up, release the trigger after firing. A variety of modes to experience more interesting gameplay

25: Send consecutive mode
25 Single-shot mode
12 Stow and go mode

Ammunition tactical display Know "combat" status at all times

Hd tactical display, real-time display launch mode, electricity, water status, information at a glance.

Ultra range of 9 meters Pseudo-true recoil body sensation

The water gun is fully powered and has a range of 7-9 meters. When it is fired, it can feel significant recoil, giving it a real "combat" experience.

High capacity high pressure water sac Fire 25 water bombs at full tank

High density pressurized water sac provides sufficient power to maintain range stability. Equipped with large capacity water sac, filled with water can fire up to 25 water bombs, more fun.

Water bullet The point is accurate, the shot is not missing

In the moment of the launch of the water shot, like a laser beam accurately hit the target several meters away, and friends together to compete.

Large capacity lithium-ion battery It can fire 2,000 rounds on a single charge

Type-C charging design, 1800mAh lithium ion battery, fully meet the need for a long time to fight, avoid frequent charging trouble.

Circuit waterproof design Summer fun

The water gun internal circuit has been made safe waterproof treatment, to ensure that there will be no failure or damage due to contact with water

* Although the equipment is waterproof, it is not recommended to soak it in water, as prolonged immersion may cause damage to the equipment and thus shorten its service life.

More detailed design

Type-C charging protection pad
Dust-proof, anti-splash, more safe to use

Inlet safety screen
Prevent foreign bodies from entering

Drainage hole design
Water in the gun can be quickly discharged

Mijia pulse water gun parameters

Product parameter
Product model: MJMCSQ01MS
Product size: 657×205×94mm
Implementation standard: GB/T26701-2011
Applicable age: 14+
Product color: Gray
Input: 5V=2A
Water gun net weight: 2670g
Charging time: about 5h
Operating temperature: 5℃-45℃

Packing list
Mijia Pulse Water Gun x 1
Instruction manual x 1
Type-C charging cable x 1
Package box x 1