Lasik treatment Cost In Delhi

BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is committed towards providing and maintaining highest standards of quality and safety for its patients. We take pride in saying that BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is NABH accredited which means it strictly maintains the highest national standards for patient quality and safety .Technology plays a great role in achieving both of these.

BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE is the first centre in the whole of NORTH and EAST Delhi to install the ZEISS VISUMAX femtosecond laser system for 100 % bladefree / bladeless lasik.

What Is Blade Free Lasik ?
BLADE FREE LASIK as it suggests does not involve any kind of blade in lasik laser procedures making the procedure more precise, accurate, safe and more comfortable to the patient.

Any lasik procedure consists of two steps :

In the first step a corneal flap is created and in blade free lasik this is done by utilizing a femtosecond laser instead of a blade or microkeratome(blade like computerized equipment) to create a flap as in conventional lasik .

In the second step another laser called an EXCIMER laser is directed to the layers beneath the flap to alter the shape of the cornea according to the patients requirement .

At BAJAJ EYE CARE CENTRE in the first step …VISUMAX (CARL ZEISS GERMANY ) FEMTO SECOND LASER is used and in the second step MEL 80 excimer laser is used. Both the equipments are manufactured by CARL ZEISS GERMANY who are the world renowned leaders in development of optical systems and opto electronics thus giving precision and the highest quality standards to the procedure.

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