Massage Therapist Job Responsibilities:

• Performs professional quality massage, within the scope of practice and licensing (as applicable).
• Designs specific sessions based on members' or guests’ individual needs.
• Assists in the promotion of the health and wellness benefits to clients receiving massage therapy on a regular basis.
• Creates excellent member/guest experience through friendly and helpful attitude.
• Utilizes other approved modalities, in accordance with applicable law.
• Communicates various promotions to clients.
• Follows all practice policies and protocols.
• Assists in the cleanliness of the location (therapy rooms and common areas).
• Completes Wellness Chart documentation accurately and completely.
• Performs other duties as assigned.

Massage Therapist Qualifications / Skills:
• Bedside manner
• Physiological knowledge
• Infection control
• Health promotion and maintenance
• Creating a safe, effective environment
• Informing others
• Verbal communication
• Medical teamwork
• Judgment
• Procedural skills
• People skills

Education, Experience, and Licensing Requirements:
• Minimum of 500 hours of massage therapy school and a certificate of completion
• Adherence to all applicable local licensing laws and regulations related to the massage therapy services provided, including following any applicable law pertaining to maintaining the current Massage License.
• Knowledge of and experience in performing Swedish and Deep Tissue Massage required, as well as knowledge of and experience in performing other modalities.
• Understands and believes in the healing benefits of massage therapy and bodywork.
• Satisfactory results of background and reference check is a condition of employment in this position.
• Must be vaccinated with COVID19.

Applicants can submit their resume/CV to [email protected] and 36029534 Whatsapp Messages only accepted.(Whatsapp or Local calls will not entertained)